What Are Some Treatments Used For Drug Addiction?

Substance abuse disorder can feel overwhelming and daunting, leaving many reluctant to get treatment. The first step may feel miles away but in reality, it is only one phone call or click away. Right near you, there are many treatment locations that are ready and waiting to help! SBIRT.ms is one such resource that can guide you to nearby substance use disorder treatment facilities in your local area. All it takes is answering a few questions with a quick, free, online assessment. Then, the suggested treatment methods and centers near you are provided so you can establish contact quickly and easily. 

What can you expect if you attend treatment? There are various methods of treating addictions, and any program you go through will develop a specific treatment plan based on your unique needs and preferences. 

Treatment Models & Methods for Substance Abuse

The type of drug addiction treatment you may go through will depend largely on your personal factors. You may be best supported in an inpatient or residential treatment center, where you will stay for a period of time while going through the treatment process. In other situations, an intensive outpatient program may be sufficient for your treatment. IOPs don’t require you to stay at the treatment center, rather, you would go to work or school or daily life as usual and attend therapy and groups several times a week. 

Although every situation is unique, there are some common forms of substance use treatment that most everyone will encounter. Detoxification may be necessary, which is a supervised method of cleansing the body of the substance. As you go through detoxing from the drug, you may experience withdrawal symptoms which will be managed effectively to ease the process and make you more comfortable. In some situations, especially with highly physically addictive substances, medication-assisted treatment or MAT may be used. This is a drug addiction treatment medicine to reduce cravings and minimize the effects of withdrawal over time. Therapy and other treatments may be used in tandem with MAT to fully support the treatment process.

Once your body is clear of the substance, treatment begins. Some commonly used substance abuse disorder treatments include behavioral therapies and support. You may go through individual and group therapy, as well as attend other support groups. Some effective behavioral therapies for drug addiction include CBT and Motivational Interviewing. CBT helps you uncover unhealthy thought patterns that contribute to your use and then works on changing those patterns into more rational, healthy patterns. Motivational Interviewing taps into your willingness to change as well as the tools and motivation you already have to stay committed to recovery. You may attend individual sessions or group therapy sessions to talk you through the causes of substance abuse. Another important tool for recovery is to find a support group. This could be Narcotics Anonymous or other recovery groups that provide assistance and support for the substance abuse recovery process. Meeting regularly with others in similar situations may prove encouraging and motivating, not to mention you’ll form a healthy network of other individuals with similar goals to yours. These groups can also help with the prevention of substance abuse for the long term.

Drug Addiction Treatment Centers Near Me

If it is time to get the help and support you need to end your cycle of substance abuse, help is available! SBIRT is here to help you identify your substance use treatment needs, facilitate a call with a substance use healthcare provider, and refer you to specialized treatment programs in your local Mississippi area. Click now to get started!