What Treatments Are There For Alcoholism?

Alcohol Use Disorder is a challenging condition that can affect people physically, mentally, and emotionally. Binge drinking and consistently abusing alcohol can lead to disruptions in your daily life, relationships, health, and jobs. It can be incredibly difficult to stop using alcohol but if you’re ready to recover, having support makes it a lot easier. Knowing what your options are can help guide the way to healing and SBIRT in Mississippi is here to shed light on various treatment options for alcoholism.

Alcohol Use Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment 

There are many ways to get help for alcoholism. Your situation is unique, so it’s important to seek professional assistance for your recovery. AUD treatment professionals can help guide you to the best treatment options for you and will support your journey to health.

Detoxification: If you have used alcohol for many years or have consistently consumed large quantities, medical detoxification from alcohol may be a necessary step toward recovery. This will begin your treatment and will help you safely manage withdrawal symptoms. 

AUD Inpatient Rehabilitation: These are treatment programs where you live at the treatment facility so that you have 24-7 care. This may be necessary when detoxification is required. Inpatient rehab centers for alcohol typically include therapy, education and awareness sessions, and group therapy or meetings.

Outpatient Rehabilitation for Alcohol Use Disorder: The beauty of these programs is that you will have access to all the treatment you need while still maintaining your daily responsibilities and living at home. Outpatient rehab for AUD involves counseling, group meetings or therapy sessions, and educational programs.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Alcohol: This is a great treatment option if you are struggling with detox or relapse. Medications such as disulfiram, naltrexone, and acamprosate help you to reduce cravings or act as a deterrent by giving you adverse reactions to drinking. It also incorporates therapy to address alcohol dependence

Counseling and Therapy for Alcohol Use Disorder Near Me: An important aspect of every treatment program for alcohol dependence is therapy. Through counseling (individual and/or group), you’ll explore your underlying reasons for drinking, address those issues, learn coping strategies, and provide techniques for managing daily life without alcohol. In group therapy, you’ll meet others in similar situations and foster relationships with a supportive community.

Holistic Approaches: More natural methods of treatment for AUD include yoga, meditation, art therapy, acupuncture, etc. to promote overall health and manage daily triggers.

Support Groups: Some treatment centers encourage Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), church groups, or other support groups to promote alcohol-free living and form connections with others facing similar struggles. 

Family Therapy: Many treatment programs will include family therapy as a method of healing for you and your loved ones. It can be helpful to educate your family about alcohol use disorder, help them understand what you’re going through, and create a supportive environment for recovery.

Aftercare and Relapse Prevention for AUD: Once you have completed your treatment program, you aren’t just left on your own. Ongoing counseling, support groups, and educational programs for relapse prevention are available for your long-term support and continued sobriety.

Addiction Treatment Finder 

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